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Who I am.

I am Andy Petrzilka, software developer, IT specialist and windows server administrator. Currently I work for Indiggo as a Fullstack Software Engineer starting in January 2021. Before Indiggo I worked May 2013 through December 2020 as an IT Specialist for a small not for profite organizatio in downtown Lincoln Nebraska. Through my work there, I help manage multiple organization's IT needs. Over the years I added website development to my list of duties by creating several applications that our company used on a daily basis.

I graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a degree in Computer Sciences and a Mathematics Minor the spring of 2019. While at the university I worked on a project for the Nebraska Department of Transportation creating a website that allows them to query, track and assess vehicle collisions across the state of Nebraska

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Slow Computer? I can fix that. Virus? Give me a shot!

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Needed something new? I can help set it up the way you want. Why stop at computers? TVs and other devices included.


Need a personal, event or small business website? Send me a message.

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minimum 1 hour, mileage required if traveling outside Lincoln.


New phones, computers and other tech


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