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Who I am.

I am Andy Petrzilka, I have been working as an IT associate that also performs Systems Administration tasks and completes programming projects. I have been employed by Region V Systems in Lincoln Nebraska since May 2013. I started as an Intern and have since moved up the ladder a bit. My boss and I manage our servers and perform help desk styled services to all employees of our organization and a couple other smaller organizations in the building. I also work as the programmer for Region V Systems where I complete all the programming projects for both web and software.

I graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a degree in Computer Sciences and a Mathematics Minor the spring of 2019. I have really enjoyed all the technical experience acquired from the University and cannot wait to graduate and continue my work.

Besides programming, I am very good with computers. I can assist with set ups, reformats, virus removal, system cleanups, hardware installation and just about any other task you could want. I have knowledge in Linux, Windows and Mac operating systems.

My Services


Slow Computer? I can fix that. Virus? Give me a shot!

Set Up

Needed something new? I can help set it up the way you want. Why stop at computers, TVs and other devices included.


Need a personal website or a website for an event or company? I can work with you to get you what you want!

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minimum 1 hour, mileage required if traveling outside Lincoln.


New phones, computers and other tech


Prices vary, contact us for more info!
Starting at $50.00*
Hosting sold separately



I have owned windows computers for over 10 years and have serviced hundreds of Windows computers during my career at Region V Systems. I have set up windows servers and worked on different components of windows servers over the years. I have experience with setup, reinstallation, upgrades, maintenance and many other tasks associated with Windows operating systems.


I am employed as an Angular developer. I work on an application that is written in Angular 7.


I have been supporting and maintaining iOS devices as well as various MacOS systems while working at Region V Systems. Some of the tasks included are backups, restores, software removal and installation, setup, reinstallation, mobile device management and other tasks.


Over the years I have run and used many different distributions of linux for various tasks. I have setup many systems using linux and a couple linux based networks using OpenLDAP. Limited experience with command line interfaces but still have a good amount of experience in that area.


I have been using HTML in my websites for at least 10 years and have deployed many websites for various companies including Region V Systems and Nebraska Department of Transportation.


Like HTML I have used CSS alongside all my HTML sites to keep the refined, clean and easy to follow.


I have developed many sites with PHP as my primary backend. I have done sites ranging from statistical number tracking and reporting to asset management software and even employee status software to display who is in and out and allow them to submit service requests. A lot of these sites can be found in the images above.


I have used Jquery and Javascript for many years to add front end functionality to many of my sites. Using both scripting languages have allowed me to add a lot of refined client-side features to my website.


I have taken many courses on Java and written quite a few applications in it although more recently I have been using C# for most of the windows applications I developed along with a few ASP websites. The website developed for Nebraska Department of Transportation (see images above) was written with a C# back end and used EntityFramework for database management. Most of the front end was scripted in Jquery and Javascript but the backend was all C#


I have taken numerous classes based in both C and C++ and completed tasks that range from multithread applications using threads and semaphores to virtual memory managers. Some of the low-level C programming I have done included developing a processor and all it's functionality for one of my classes. Some of the code was generated using C before we switched to doing it entirely in Assembly.

And much more!

There is much more than what is listed above, I have taken a variety of classes at the University of Nebraska Lincoln while working towards graduating with a degree in Computer Science. Additionally, I have been employed by Region V Systems since 2013 and have done a lot of projects using varying technologies.

Contact Section

Need to get in touch? Write an email or give me a call at (402) 326-1263